Mazer Gaming Welcomes Ventuski

by Doctor Boo | June 01, 2022

IGN: Ventuski
Years Gaming: 25+
Primary Loves: Pokémon GO, JRPGs, travelling and pretty much all kind of food, specially if it means trying new dishes and discovering new places.

Mazer is excited to announce and welcome Ventuski to the team! He was kind enough to provide a bit of background about himself! Let’s get to know our new addition:

I'm from Santiago, the capital city of Chile, at the end of the world. Altought I went to med school (and that's what I do for a living), I find most joy in videogames, particularly in those where competitive takes place. It's Pokemon GO where I found success, becoming the first back-to-back Silph World Finalist and Silph LATAM Continental Champion in Season 2 and 3.

I hope to bring my best level of gameplay to the Mazer squad, to help my teammates in whatever I can, to learn from them as the top battlers they are, and to raise Mazer's name to the top of the competitive scene.

My social media is @ventuski on Twitter and Instagram. I also plan to stream on Twitch again soon!

Thanks for that introduction and welcome aboard! Can’t wait to see your successes in the upcoming future in Mazer Gaming! 

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