Mazer Gaming Pokémon Unite



    Mcnuff has always been in the MOBA scene and always been about the details, stats, knowledge for games he plays. Knows the facts ddown to the damage spec to cooldowns, always studying the meta trying to drive forward. He likes a variety of games but always goes back to MOBAs. Been a dork about everything Pokémon since the North American release. Giving the UNITE and Pokémon world a Canadian face.

  • XFACTOR4393


    Joseph "xfactor4393" Recchion is really competitive. Played football, baseball, and basketball and plays flag football on the side. Also plays Fortnite with friends if he's not grinding Pokémon UNITE.

  • Yocuppajoe


    As a fan of both Pokemon and mobas, Yocuppajoe is extremely happy to share his knowledge and love for Pokemon Unite. For over 10 years Yocuppajoe has been playing moba games, and knows the genre like the back of his hand. He knows what it’s like to be a total noob, and understands what it takes to rise up through the ranks. Yocuppajoe is passionate about helping gamers become the best players and people they can be with his Pokemon Unite YouTube guides, and livestreams.