Mazer Gaming Welcomes Aspiring Streamer and Web3 content creator Big Daddy!

by Hank Strandberg | September 21, 2023

Gamer Tag: Big Daddy

Years Streaming: 3

Favorite Video Game Franchise(s): Pokemon, Super Mario, GTA, NBA. In Web3; Big Time and Axie Infinity

Primary Hobbies: Weight lifting, reading books, watching movies and anime

Initially struggling to get his foot in the door into the burgeoning Web3 content creation space, aspiring streamer and Web3 content creator Big Daddy would develop early on what he called his mantra, which was to persevere and to be dedicated to improving his craft each and every day. This mantra ended up serving him well because in the following years, by producing such content like exciting stream clips and educational material, Big Daddy has amassed a solid following of more than 2,000 across all his social media platforms. 


When asked about what he wants to accomplish during his time with Mazer, Big Daddy had this to say, “I aspire to connect with fresh faces, expand my knowledge, and evolve as a content creator. Considering Mazer’s reputation as a place for gaming content creators, I believe it offers the ideal setting for my growth and development in this field.”

You can find Big Daddy’s socials here:








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