Mazer Content Team

  • Jeffska otherwise known as Jeff is a partnered Twitch streamer focusing on providing awesome family friendly Minecraft content for his all-ages community. He's been in the Minecraft community since 2011 and is known for attending every Minecraft convention (MineCon) and has spoken on three MineCon panels! He is pretty notable for having the OG Hexacape ( 6 Official Minecraft Capes) — Java Minecraft account, Jeff. When he's not playing Minecraft, you can find him jamming to ska music. (It's like reggae, but a little bit faster!) Catch his show on Twitch nightly starting around 7pm PT,



  • JulesTheHuman has been a professional trombonist for most of his life performing in places even as far as China & Japan. He started his content creation journey in podcasting in 2015 with his music podcast featured in Texas Monthly’s column “30 Things You Need To Know About Texas Music In 2017”. Continuing on his content journey, Jules began to create vlogs on YouTube & in 2019 began to stream on Twitch. He now primarily focuses on Apex Legends & even has a companion podcast where he’s interviewed a few of the voice actors of the video game. Through personal storytelling, entertainment, & the love of making people smile, Jules continues to break down walls in the gaming space to this day.



  • Takarita is a 7 year partnered streamer on twitch! She started off those many years ago streaming World of Warcraft, but over the last couple of years switched her style to all things horror related! Taka is a also a mommy to her baby boy Braxton, who often shows up on stream at the perfect moment to get her killed in whatever game shes playing. Whether its hunting ghosts or running from them, Taka's stream is frequently filled with frights and laughs. Chat interaction is super important in the stream, as they get to vote on different challenges that Taka must complete during her games. The main horror game you will see when visiting her channel is Phasmophobia, in which she is closing in on 1300 hours, and well over 4500+ level. Feel free to stop by whenever you'd like, but most importantly - probably turn your volume down!



  • Mr.4bet has been a gamer since childhood, with his earliest memories of gaming being when he would play Super Mario Bros. on the Super Nintendo. Even now, 32 years later, his passion for gaming still hasn’t wavered a bit. On top of being a lifelong gamer, Mr.4bet is a seasoned veteran in the realm of poker, having spent the past 15 years being a player, dealer, and a manager. He currently manages his own poker room, in addition to being an active player.



  • Evan777713, sometimes referred to as "Evan with a bunch of 7s" or "the auto rekt guy," is a Pokémon Go PVP player who has been playing Pokémon Go since release. An avid battler, Evan grew increasingly invested in battling during the Covid-19 Pandemic and Summer 2020. During the Summer of 2022, while preparing for the Bar Exam as a recent law school graduate, Evan placed top 8 at the inaugural Pokémon Go International Championship in Columbus, Ohio and hopes to support the perpetuation of Pokémon Go PVP as well as his own PVP career!



  • Anthony aka Zelkys is a French Zelda Speedrunner, he started speedrunning back in 2013 with Pokemon Blue but quickly shifted to what will be his favorite game series of all time : Zelda. Zelkys is currently the only French that has run all the main 3D Zelda Games and completed in 2020 after 7 years of speedrunning, the 3D Zelda Challenge. ( Doing all 3D Zeldas Speedruns in the Any% Category in one setting) He also enjoy doing a variety of other speedruns outside of Zelda such as Metroid Games, Mario Games or more! Beside that, Zelkys likes a lot Rhythm Games, such as SoundVoltex. He's mostly doing speedrunning on his channel but also superplay, let's plays or just chill from time to time with his community! And even if he's French, don't hesitate to drop on his channel, he speak both French and English fluently on stream!



  • Nekusagi7 has always been a huge fan of Pokemon and Nintendo, with some of her earliest and most fondest memories with gaming being on the Nintendo 64 that helped to introduce Nekusagi7 to the concept of studying opposing Pokémon’s weaknesses and strengths to battle more effectively. Nekusagi7’s infatuation with Pokémon would only carry on through the years, from the Nintendo Gamecube to the Nintendo Switch. However, with the release of Pokémon GO back in 2016, her relationship with the popular Nintendo franchise would begin to change. Aside from allowing Nekusagi7 to finally live out her dream of catching Pokémon in the real-world, Pokémon GO gave Nekusagi7 the chance to reach out and connect with other like-minded trainers, which she is very thankful for.



  • Chris “D3lighted” has joined Mazer Gaming as a Zelda speedrunner. He started in 2016 as a Zelda Wind Waker speedrunner. As his speedrunning endeavors continued, he decided to Switch to Twilight Princess HD on the Nintendo Wii U. Since the change he has become a very talented speedrunner holding a top 3 time in Any%. And owns a world record for the 100% category. He looks up to his mother for motivation and to never give up his dreams. Chris is always open to talking about personal issues and willing to make anyone’s day better. When Chris streams, he is super informative and competitive. When he speedruns Chris is always looking to compete for top times and to explain what is happening in the speedrun and will also answer any question about the game. He also has a YouTube channel where he uploads various Clips, Personal bests and Tutorials on Twilight Princess HD! Alright, this is what I have for the description.





  • Morrita Pokémon is a System Engineer & Mexican Content Creator. Her first approach to any Pokémon games started with Pokémon Go, she likes to raid, farm, collect shinies & do PvP, more specifically at GBL, she got Legend rank on S8 for the first time, without experience on previous games. Besides that, what she enjoys the most is to build a supportive Community, "LATAM Community has been too supportive and always make me feel like home", "Everytime I start a stream, I become more happy, thanks to them" She loves her Country and loves to travel. She is also Catechist & enjoys being System Consultant. Try to catch her might be a bit hard but she will always be willing to help you.





  • Tax Analyst by Day, Gamer and Streamer by Night, Mike Nerdlaw joins Mazer with an MBA in Finance as well as 10+ years in the corporate world working on accounting and finance for many large corporations. Mikes current passions however include gaming, streaming and cryptocurrency. Mike has always enjoyed gaming with his favorite series being the Final Fantasy series, and also spent many years playing his beloved Elemental Shaman in World of Warcraft, despite Elementals being terrible forever. Pokemon Go was his first introduction to the Pokemon Franchise and primarily where he gained his love for Caterpies in Cowboy Hats. Mike looks forward to working for and with Mazer for years to come. Mazer Hat Caterpie please.


    Streamer/Contract Manager

  • DPhiE250 (DPhi for short) is a full time middle school teacher and part time Pokémon GO content creator. Hailing from Wisconsin, she started her Pokémon journey with Pokémon Red and Blue versions on the Gameboy Color and has been playing Pokémon GO since its launch on July 6, 2016. She began streaming on Twitch in March 2020, and while her focus is Pokémon GO, she also enjoys playing other games in the Pokémon main series. She frequently shoutcasts Pokémon GO PVP events, the most notable being the official 2022 Play Pokémon Regional Championships in Indianapolis. She also co-hosts the PvP Corner segment on the GOCast Podcast. In her free time, DPhiE250 enjoys traveling, hiking and spending time with her dog, Misty.



  • For as long as Hank can remember, he has always loved to write, whether it was for contests, or for his own amusement. His journey into Esports writing, however, hasn’t been anywhere nearly as long, having just started all the way back in May of 2021 by freelancing for PGstats as an article writer. In July of the same year, he took another big leap by joining IlluZion Creative as their blog writer, which he is still a part of today. While he mostly writes about everything Smash related, Hank’s bigger goal is to become familiar with all of the biggest Esports like League of Legends and Overwatch in order to expand his skillset and horizon.



  • Throughout most of his gaming career, Ciel had been solely a console gamer. However, after discovering the computer game known as “Axie Infinity” (which combines several elements from Pokémon and Hearthstone) back in 2021, he would begin to delve more into PC gaming, which would eventually lead to him becoming a streamer on Twitch. As a streamer, Ciel would define himself as, “a variety streamer, streaming different games that pique my interest.” Over the course of his young, budding streaming career, he has streamed a little bit of everything, such as the aforementioned Axie Infinity, horror games like Silent Hill and Dead by Daylight, and even DJing EDM music.


    Axie Infinity Streamer

  • Ravynia began streaming in January of 2020. As a voice actress trained at Kalmenson & Kalmenson in Burbank, California, with a dream of working in video games, she was hoping streaming would be a way to stay involved with the gaming community as she moves around the country for her husband's Marine Corps career. Now a full-time interactive variety streamer, she is also a proud Streamloots Partner, Mazer Gaming Content Creator Partner, member of the Gamer Friendly stream team, and an ambassador for UNBOUND, a charity which her community raised over $1000 for in 2020. While her growth has exceeded all of her expectations, she still says her 'made it' moment will be the day she gets to play a game for her community as a character she voiced. As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, she strives to create a gaming community for adults that is inclusive, accepting and diverse.



  • After he initially started watching various speedrun streams on Twitch back in late 2012, Taggo would start to speedrun nearly a year later in August of 2013. Throughout the early days of his speedrunning career, Taggo would delve into popular games such as Super Mario Sunshine and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. However, the one game that caught his eye the most, and that he has stuck with all these years to the present day, was the classic Nintendo 64 game, Super Mario 64, where he would speedrun both the 70 and 120 star categories. As it stands now, Taggo is easily not just the most accomplished Super Mario 64 speedrunner in Swedish history, but also one of the best that Europe has ever known, having gotten the world record in the 70 star category twice in 2019, and was ranked as high as second on the 120 star leaderboard in 2020.



  • By day, he is an accredited IT Project & Communications Officer. By night, he is BrockUK; entertainer & streamer extordinare with a unique flair. A verified partner on the crypto-powered streaming platform DLive, BrockUK is a family friendly streamer with a positive vibe. His uniqueness is visualised by his random yet delightfully commical animations that pop-up during live-streaming; mainly emphasising on the audience's reactions towards the current gameplay. BrockUK is a variety streamer, but his passion is team-based shooter games; one of which is Overwatch. Taking on the Support and Tank roles, BrockUK shows no fear when it comes to supporting his team mates. Be sure to join in the madness with fellow Brockoholics, this is one streamer you don't want to miss out on!



  • Funk hails from the great state of Virginia where he is a cyber security professional, father, husband, and true crime enthusiast. When he is not gaming, working, or spending time with family, Funk spends his time pursuing a newly discovered passion in development and automation. He is also raising the next generation of gamers and exposing them to classics such as Zelda and the Super Mario Bros. series. Funk looks forward to contributing to the roleplay content currently with Mazer and continue to branch out into the more variety types of streams. Ever competitive, he’s hoping to fall in with other Apex Legends and FPS/Battle Royale teammates and grow in that space as well.







  • For the majority of his life, Silver has been a keen fan of Nintendo, with the first video game console he ever owned being the NES. His love for the iconic video game company would be fully cemented, however, with the release of the Nintendo 64, which he has many fond memories of playing. This devotion for all things Nintendo would lead Silver to begin his speedrunning career back in 2012 with the popular Nintendo 64 title, Star Fox 64. Other popular Nintendo titles he has speedran include Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Super Mario 64 DS, and Super Mario Sunshine. In addition to speedrunning, Silver has also formerly competed in Esports. In 2015, Silver, alongside a group of other like minded speedrunners, formed the Splatoon Esports team known as “SpeedRunsLive.”



  • Captain Ezekiel’s journey with gaming began when he was just around 10 years old when he got his hands on his favorite game of all time, Diablo 2. While he had mostly been a casual gamer up until this point, it was when Captain Ezekiel discovered the world-renowned multiplayer online battle arena, League of Legends, that he would be thrusted into the realm of competitive Esports. Later on, Captain Ezekiel decided to take up a new video game hobby that would change his life forever: speedrunning. After first completing Resident Evil 7:Biohazard (known commonly as RE7) casually, Captain Ezekiel would dive head first into speedrunning it after finding interest in watching other speedrunners complete the game. He has acquired 18 world records for RE7, becoming arguably the most accomplished speedrunner in the entire game.

    Captain Ezekiel


  • A “life-long gamer” by his own admission, Jcluster can be considered a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to video games. His resume includes some of the most popular PC titles ever, such as Warcraft, StarCraft, and League of Legends. He also has played just about every console under the sun, including the NES, Sega Genesis, PS2, Nintendo DS, and Xbox 360. Aside from his love of video games, Jcluster is also a fabulous chef, having spent seven years as a professional cook. He also possesses a background in communications and marketing, with over eight years of experience in both fields.



  • Beginning as an astute casual player, slowly developing his fundamentals and basic understanding of the Tekken series, HaitakeKakashi would suddenly feel the urge to start competing in tournaments following the release of Tekken Tag Tournament 1 in 1999. Before the new millennium dawned upon the world, HaitakeKakashi had already made an immediate impact on his city’s Tekken scene by winning a few local tournaments. Even to this day, HaitakeKakashi still actively competes in tournaments; that same urge that originally compelled him to test himself against the best players around still unwavering inside of him.





  • Amiwa's first experience with video editing dates all the way back to her college days. A metaphorical and literal student of the craft, she began video editing primarily for school work. However, her passion for it eventually expanded outside the classroom, which led amiwa to start editing her own vlogs and gameplay videos. This dedication to video editing proved to be instrumental during the lockdown portion of the Covid-19 pandemic, when she was able to find consistent work due to a rise in demand for remote work.





  • Mika is a full-time cosplayer, twitch partner, and actress. Although she is still newer to the industry, Mika has been featured on the cover of cosplay magazines, novels, and is sponsored by the largest cosplay companies. You can also find Mika on Hulu & Amazon Prime starring in a TV show & movie. When asked about what she wants to accomplish during her time with Mazer Gaming, Mika had this to say. “Connect with other Mazer streamers, participate in tournaments and events!”