About Us

Mazer Gaming is a professional esports and entertainment organization currently competing in the FGC scene. Our goal at Mazer Gaming is to create championship winning teams and produce entertaining content for our fans. 


  • Samuel Kijak


    Samuel "Abra" Kijak is an esports professional with 6 years industry experience. He started off as a graphic designer in 2013-2014 and then eventually switched over fully to the foundations of Mazer Gaming. Ever since founding Mazer and eventually changing it's name to Mazer Gaming at the end of 2017, Sam has had a growing passion to achieve great things with his organization. His esports roots originate from the game Call of Duty where he had a huge obsession with the game and the esport. Call of Duty would be the first game that Mazer Gaming would enter in the esports realm, and the rest is history from there.

  • Hunter Siler

    General Manager

    Hunter “Huntoh” Siler has been around esports since 2013 when the industry first took off. He owned his own professional team at the early age of 13 in 2013 and has had passion for it ever since. As General Manager of Mazer Gaming, Hunter helps with the day-to-day operations between players and staff and ensure everything runs smoothly between our business and players.

  • Jonathan Parker

    Talent Acquisitions Manager

    Jonathan ”Jumps” Parker has been in the esports scene for 6 years starting out playing Competitive Call of Duty. He grew up on video games and sports. He became fond of the scene when Black Ops 2 dropped as a Trickshoter/Sniper going for clips then switched in Advanced Warfare to play competitively. He grew fond of building a community and giving back to the community by hosting tournaments since 2016 in titles such as Call of Duty, Apex legends & Rocket League! Over a year ago, he joined Mazer Gaming. He now works on picking up new talent and teams for the organization.

  • Tyler Sylvia

    Esports Manager

    Tyler “Frenzy” Sylvia Is an Esports Manager for Mazer Gaming. He found his love for esports from the release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 when he went to google tournaments and he came across Gamebattles. He started competing until the release of Call of Duty Ghost. That was the year he joined the United States Army and that’s when he realized he had more of a love for the business side of esports than competing.

  • Casey Jones

    Content Manager

    Casey “Sushiii” Jones is a former competitive player in call of duty from 2013-2016. From there he has worked in multiple roles behind the scenes from organizations like OutsmartedGG as a GM, to Incontrol Gaming as a COO. In 2017 he founded his own organization called Voltic eSports and was owner from 2018-2020. He is currently the Content Manager for Mazer Gaming.

  • Saben Neale

    Esports Manager

    Saben "Sabe" Neale has worked in the esports industry as a manager, player, editor, photographer, and even owner. After running his own organization for two years and ending it, he wanted to help other established organizations branch into new competitive titles and different forms of content creation.