About Us

Mazer Gaming is a professional esports and entertainment organization. Our goal at Mazer Gaming is to create championship winning teams and produce entertaining content for our fans. 

Mazer Gaming is home to the Mazer Gaming Gives Back Tournament Series, a monthly crypto-infused esports event across a huge variety of game titles. The goal of this series is to raise money for charity throughout the stream. 

Official ETH donation address: 0xf75AFa8F29460795CbabE9F1f56a8E4ECFD14E21


  • Samuel Kijak


    Samuel "Abra" Kijak is an esports professional with 6 years industry experience. He started off as a graphic designer in 2013-2014 and then eventually switched over fully to the foundations of Mazer Gaming. Ever since founding Mazer and eventually changing it's name to Mazer Gaming at the end of 2017, Sam has had a growing passion to achieve great things with his organization. His esports roots originate from the game Call of Duty where he had a huge obsession with the game and the esport. Call of Duty would be the first game that Mazer Gaming would enter in the esports realm, and the rest is history from there.



    Matt, 31, hasn't always been in the esports realm. But has aways wanted a career in broadcasting. With the launch of Pokémon GO and the promise of battles, he joined the community as a creator, influencer, and now manages a podcast as well as its community, assists his local communities, and is now at the reigns to interact with the Mazer Gaming community. Matt's focus is the day-to-day socials and responding to your questions. He looks forward to hearing from you!


    Content Manager

  • Diego Aguilar


    Diego “Jolt” Aguilar is a 24-year-old esports enthusiast. Born in Mexico, he has been following esports almost his entire life, having been involved as a League of Legends coach and as a tournament organizer in his university alongside being multiple times Mexico’s captain for Gymbreakers World Cup in Pokémon GO, he has demonstrated a fiery passion for esports.

  • Mark HAND


    Mark “KingDucksPool” Hand is newer to the competitive e-sport scene but that has only motivated him even more. A proud father of 3 energetic boys has conditioned Mark to deal with the changing dynamics of gaming. Pokémon is where his roots began which allowed his competitive nature to thrive and adapt his love for gaming to other e-sports. Organizing events and growing the community has always been a passion for Mark and he is excited for the opportunity to do it on a larger organized platform like Mazer Gaming.

  • Sam Langston

    Sponsorship manager

    Sam, 28, having a history in management, coaching, and sales he knows the importance of teamwork and working towards a common goal. Sam has managed and worked with multiple athletes in mma, soccer, and professional esports.