About Us

Mazer Gaming is a professional esports and entertainment organization currently competing in Gears of War, Smash, Halo, Fortnite, Street Fighter V, and NBA 2k20. Our goal at Mazer Gaming is to create championship winning teams and produce entertaining content for our fans. 


  • Toby deleo

    OWNER / Chief Executive Officer

    Toby DeLeo, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Mazer Gaming, is an accomplished leader and manager. Providing great insight to many business and investment opportunities for the team, Toby has proved that he is the perfect fit for this role at Mazer Gaming. With a deep background in the culinary industry and management, he knows what it takes to be the best at something. Originally having a passion for games such as Guitar Hero and Zelda, Toby has seen the rise of esports his whole entire life. He will do what it takes to improve Mazer Gaming on a daily basis and make the proper decisions to bring Mazer Gaming to the very top of the industry.

  • Samuel Kijak

    Founder/ Chief Operating Officer

    Samuel "Abra" Kijak is an esports professional with 5 years industry experience. He started off as a graphic designer in 2013-2014 and then eventually switched over fully to the foundations of Mazer Gaming. Ever since founding Mazer and eventually changing it's name to Mazer Gaming at the end of 2017, Sam has had a growing passion to achieve great things with his organization. His esports roots originate from the game Call of Duty where he had a huge obsession with the game and the esport. Call of Duty would be the first game that Mazer Gaming would enter in the esports realm, and the rest is history from there.

  • Griffin Byrd

    Marketing Manager

    Griffin “Agent” Byrd has been playing video games since 2009, starting from Minecraft to Overwatch. He has always tried his best to improve and has since then joined the Mazer Staff. As marketing manager, Griffin ensures that all the Mazer line of products are properly shown and presented to the whole Mazer Gaming community. He develops and plans marketing strategies for Mazer Gaming. Email Griffin at agentvirgilo@mazergaming.com for all inquiries.

  • Hunter Siler

    General Manager

    Hunter “Huntoh” Siler has been around esports since 2013 when the industry first took off. He owned his own professional team at the early age of 13 in 2013 and has had passion for it ever since. As General Manager of Mazer Gaming, Hunter helps with the day-to-day operations between players and staff and ensure everything runs smoothly between our business and players.

  • Jeffrey Symens

    Content Manager

    Jeffrey “Edge” Symens has been a gamer since the good old MW2 days. Due to his love for video games he decided to start a YouTube channel and share his love for video games with the world. He recently hit 1000 subscribers on YouTube and looks to keep growing. He is currently the Content Manager for Mazer Gaming. On his channel you can expect to see lots of Fortnite and Sea of Thieves. He scouts out content creators and creates schedules for uploads on our YouTube. You can contact him jeffrey.symens23@gmail.com

  • Jeremy LouW

    Social Media Manager

    Joining the organization as a young content creator, Jeremy was very interested in gaming as well as esports. He played as a sniper in the game Call of Duty untill Mazer decided to focus more on esports. Meanwhile, Jeremy became a manager for Mazer and assisted the organization on various projects. Nowadays he executes his role in Mazer as a Social Media Manager. For any questions or extra information contact Jeremy.louw01@gmail.com

  • Tyler Sannebeck

    Chief Creative Officer

    Tyler "Zephyr" Sannebeck is a self-taught graphic designer who has been working to help develop Mazer Gaming's image since October 2016. His love for video games and desire to fulfill his creative aspirations drew him into the esports scene which allowed him to develop his talents hands-on.

  • Mathieu Pagé

    Stream Manager

    Mathieu “Galaxy” Pagé is currently a Stream Manager for Mazer Gaming. He started playing first-person shooters at the start of his streaming career. His first game was Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. After playing that game he fell in love with gaming. He moved from Call of Duty to Fortnite to finally play Rainbow Six Siege. He has a very big passion for the esports and gaming industry and has always enjoyed the idea of streaming since it was introduced. He will do his best to shape a team of streamers for Mazer Gaming and plan and coordinate their events being streamed.

  • Travis Greene

    Content Manager

    Travis Greene is a esports professional with 8 years experience ranging from content, team management, talent acquisition, and executive positions. Outside of gaming he likes to relax with family and explore the outdoors.

  • Matthew Vanbuskik

    social media strategist

    Matthew 'Radars' VanBuskirk was a former competitor in both Halo and Call of Duty he utilizes his extensive knowledge about the comeptive esports scene to captivate target audience. For the most part Matthew creates strategies and plans on how Mazer can reach a bigger audience. He is constantly coming up with new ways to reach a new audience and communicate with our current audience.

  • Seth Krause

    Website Developer/Manager

    Seth "Brutal" Krause is an esports professional with 7 years industry experience. He started off assisting with social media management for an eSports apparel company, which led to multiple positions within the industry. Seth has a growing passion for competitive gaming. Apart from eSports Seth has been working in the front office of minor league sports teams, and helping develop the brands.