Mazer Guild

  • CaptainShook911 has spent over 10+ years in Rock Springs, Wyoming, after spending much of his youth in Sacramento, California. The flame of his love of games and video games were established early on, spent in the worlds of Dr. Mario, Tetris, and Super Mario Bros. 3 and although, dimmed during adolescence, was reignited as an adult with some old FPS games and quick games like Rocket League and Pokémon GO. He spends his free time either watching sports, documentaries and playing games with friends. He believes that he will be able to play, grow and most importantly, learn, more about the e-sports world and all the opportunities that exist there. Inspired by the opportunity, CaptainShook911 knows he can help add positive results to any team he’s on, both individually and as a team member.



  • FrankieDiamondzz (Frank) is a Dominican-American content creator that has joined the Mazer Tiger Guild, as a content creator/competitor in the thrilling new world of Crypto Gaming, Frank will submerge himself into this new world of gaming with his bubbly and eccentric personality. Bringing his lively persona to the world of Blockchain Gaming. Frankie will be extremely ready to embark this new chapter of gaming and looks forward to the challenge it presents. Hailing from Pennsylvania, Frank has always been around gaming so he is quite comfortable adapting to new games and formats. Diamondzz, an affiliate on Twitch, has dedicated pages on YouTube and Instagram providing top tier entertainment along with nightly streams with his wonderful community, the F.A.M, Frank is extremely excited and determined to have his presence felt at Mazer Gaming, only time will tell.


    Guild MEMBER

  • The genesis of Dredre5050’s journey with gaming began, fittingly enough, with the Sega Genesis. The console would be the first step into what would become a lifelong love of gaming for Dredre5050. The Sega Genesis would serve as his main console until he was eight years old before he transitioned to the Super Nintendo, with which he can recall many fond gaming memories such as playing Pac Man with his mom, Super Mario World, Super Mario All Stars, Star Wars, and Aladdin. Dredre5050 also enjoyed playing on his Xbox, too, when he was younger. With it, as well as with the help of games such as Halo and Call of Duty, Dredre5050 soon discovered an infatuation with first person shooters that would stick with him throughout his life. He also has enjoyed dabbling in sports games as well like Madden, FIFA, 2K, and MLB.