Mazer Pokémon GO



    Ventuski comes from Santiago, the capital city of Chile, at the end of the world. Altought he went to med school, he found most joy in videogames, particularly in those where competitive takes place. It's Pokemon GO where he found success, becoming the first back-to-back Silph Worlds Finalist and Silph LATAM Continental Champion in Season 2 and 3. His hope is to bring the best level of gameplay to the Mazer squad, to help his teammates in whatever he can, to learn from them as the top battlers they are, and to raise Mazer's name to the top of the competitive scene.

  • Mazer MrDoctorpants


    MrDoctorpants started playing Pokemon GO on release in the summer of 2016. As many players did, he took a break shortly after as the game at the time didn’t have as many things to offer. Several years later, with the announcement of PvP, MrDoctorpants jumped right back into the game with a new goal in mind. Having grown up playing a variety of games and sports, MrDoctorpants always enjoyed competition, and Pokemon GO PvP was no exception. After going 1-3 in his first tournament, he learned that his one win was against the most prominent player in the community. This inspired him to continue learning about the game and eventually travel around to claim first place at almost every large local PvP scene in the state. When the pandemic hit, MrDoctorpants got a chance to move to online tournaments and play against players across the world. Continuing to climb through the ranks, he hit his personal best record at rank 73 on the silph global records and rank 19 in the US. After a brief hiatus from competitive PvP, MrDoctorpants has jumped back into the scene by joining Mazer’s Academy Team, aiming to return to top level play.



    610HERO is a Japanese player who currently resides in Ontario, Canada. He started playing Pokemon games when he was four years old and fell in love with the Pokémon franchise ever since. So it’s no surprise he picked up Pokemon GO when it got released in 2016! In the past, he has achieved numerous achievements; S7 GBL leaderboard 8th overall, S8 GBL leaderboard peak 2nd, 3rd Vancouver GO Regional, and many more. Notice that he hasn’t won a single title? It only means that he is eager to win more than anybody!

  • Mazer CaptCuad


    CaptCuad has been a devoted fan of Pokémon GO since the game first went live back in 2016. Although the first two years of the game’s life cycle would pass by pretty uneventfully for CaptCuad (with him using it mainly as a means to alleviate boredom while attending college), his competitive side would truly begin to manifest with the addition of PVP in 2018. When asked about what he wants to accomplish during his time with Mazer, CaptCuad had this to say, “With Mazer, I look to provide further shoutcasting, support the Academy team through team building, coaching, scrimming, and bringing my all in my competitive sets.”

  • Mazer GracieZ


    Gracie is a Pokémon Go player from rural Midwest and has been playing PoGo from Day 1. She is a PhD student at the University of Oklahoma and an educator in the public school system. She lives with her partner, son, and two dogs. Gracie participates in GBL and Silph metas and is active as an affiliate on Twitch, streaming occasionally. Her favorite Pokemon generation is Gen 1 and has a Mew tattoo. She wants to grow in the competitive PoGo setting and is excited to learn from her teammates and competitors.

  • Mazer C9Snow

    Ultra League Specialist

    Starting their Pokémon GO journey on day 1 C9Snow was a casual player until meeting some hard core players. When PVP got started they joined the Silph Arena and after winning his first tournament they decided to dedicate their play style into the PVP scene. When remote tournaments became the normal they took that as an opportunity to battle the best players in the world and demonstrate what they had learned. This has allowed them to get to know amazing people around the world and get the opportunity to join Mazer Gaming

  • MAZER TzSpenx


    TzSpenx is a Mexican Pokemon GO PvP enthusiast and coach. He picked up the game as soon as it was released, but it wasn't until PvP was introduced that he started to show a lot of interest in it. He then started participating in tournaments by The Silph Road, Pokemon GO's online battling community, and reached Ace in Season 1 — at that time, the highest rank in Silph — and Elite in Season 2, a much higher rank than before. In GO Battle League, Pokemon GO's in-app battling system, Spenx has been able to reach Rank 10 or Legend (the highest rank) every season. After taking a break from The Silph Road's competitions, he began to understand that his passion was in sharing all his experience and knowledge with everyone to help build a better and stronger community. With this, he decided to start coaching trainers professionally.

  • Mazer SigJimboSlice

    Field Specialist

    SigJimboslice started playing Pokémon Go when it first launched but took an extended break until fully committing to the game in July 2020 after he discovered PVP nevering looked back. Hitting legend for the first time in Season 8 he could not believe he had come that far! When he is not playing PoGo you can find him singing! Singing has been a passion of his since a young age and he is vocally trained in classical voice! SigJimboslice is ready to throw down with the best of them #MazerUp

  • Mazer xScourge

    Field Specialist

    Scourge is a Pokemon GO PvP enthusiast from Twin Cities area in Minnesota. As a lifetime Pokemon fan, he picked up the game as soon as it was released but lost interest in 2017 due to school obligations. Quarantine left him looking for new hobbies and eventually led him to try Pokemon GO once again. After learning about the Go Battle League he quickly fell in love because of his itch for competitive play in esports. Now Scourge has reached Legend and has placed on the Top 500 leaderboard multiple times, and looks to extend his PvP knowledge and experience to even greater heights with the Mazer Academy Pokemon GO team

  • MAZER SeanofBillings

    Academy Player

    Sean has been a huge fan of the Pokemon franchise since he could barely walk, with his first game ever being Pokemon Blue Version for the Gameboy Color. Sean’s love of Pokemon would stick with him all his life, but as he started to get older, he began to branch out into other video game genres, including first person shooters where he would become very competitive in titles like Call of Duty. While Sean may have enjoyed first person shooters, his wife wasn’t exactly the biggest fan of them. So, when Pokemon GO first released in 2016, not only was it a chance for him to reconnect with his childhood, it was a way for him and his wife to game together in holy virtual matrimony. The pair played the game often, even during strolls with their daughter. Though they would end up temporarily taking a hiatus from the game after six months, they would pick it up again after their son was born two years later. Funnily enough, Sean didn’t discover Pokemon GO’s PVP (player versus player) mode until the Go Battle League was created. The mode left a huge impression on him, and he would immediately begin to start grinding, reaching rank 9 by season three. In every subsequent season since, Sean has been able to reach the highest ranking.

  • Mazer Eepicoolguy


    While a Pokémon trainer’s journey is often a solo experience, for Eepicoolguy, it’s a journey for the whole family. For starters, while Pokémon GO may be his first Pokémon game ever, his fiancé, in his own words is a, “Pokémon God,” who has been a fan of the franchise since the original Gameboy Color games. He also credits his son for creating his gamer tag in the first place after the two of them bonded over watching the original 1990’s T.V. show. When asked about what he wants to accomplish during his time at Mazer, Eepicoolguy had this to say, “I want to keep improving with PvP. I have created a little of a relationship with SeanofBillings, and he has been coaching me a little. I watch a ton of PvP on YouTube and Twitch and would love to make it to a regional tournament some day. I love Reis, Speedy, and Panic and can’t believe that I am actually on Mazer and following in their footsteps.”