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  • Panick23 started playing PoGo when it was released in July 2016. The nostalgic feeling of catching Pokemon brought him back to the early days of Pokemon Red and Blue. When PvP was released, Panick knew he had get involved. He began sweeping his local tournaments and never looked back. Panick has reached the highest rank of GBL each season. He finished 59th globally in Silph's Season 2. Panick'ss competitive edge comes from his days as of a professional soccer player. Panick began streaming on Twitch in June 2020 and was accepted as a Partner in November. Panick hopes to help push Pokemon Go to become a professional esport!



  • Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, I picked up Pokemon Go right on release in 2016, and after a brief hiatus from the game in 2017, I picked it back up fully in 2018 and never looked back, particularly when PvP dropped as a feature at the end of 2018. My goals for the game have henceforth been aligned with being the best battler I can be within the game, and being as knowledgeable about the competitive aspect of battling as I can possibly be. I turned to the world of content creation during the quarantine of 2020 as I had been experiencing a lot of success with the game's matchmaking feature "Go Battle League" and I wanted to showcase my skillset to the community not only as a source of personal growth but also as a place where people can learn about the ins and outs of Pokemon Go PvP





  • When the quarantine started during my senior year of college, I took up Pokémon GO PvP as a hobby. After rising through the ranks and winning many tournaments, I combined my PvP skills with my talents as a sports commentator through my YouTube and Twitch channels! When I'm not playing Pokémon GO you'll find me working as an Esports Caster, playing basketball, or shooting pool with friends. My goals are to be one of the best Pokémon GO PvP players, while growing as a content creator and broadcaster!



  • I am from Boston, MA, and started playing Pokemon Go at the release and when PvP first came out I was very excited. Since the release of PvP my playstyle completely changed and I have been focusing almost all of my play time on PvP. I've played in every Silph Arena Cup since the beginning and was the North American Continentals runner-up in Season 2. In Go Battle League, I reached rank 10 in each of the first 5 Seasons and in Season 6, became the first ever Legend rank in the world. PvP has also allowed me to attend mega tournaments where I have met so many amazing people in the community which I would love to continue to do. Outside of Pokemon Go you will find me watching sports with my friends and researching the weather as I have a Bachelor's degree in Meteorology. My goals are to continue to help grow the competitive scene and grow as a competitive player.



  • Math Professor and longtime Pokemon Trainer. Since the release of Player versus Player (pvp), I have devoted much of my time learning, studying, and analyzing gameplay. Because of my love for teaching, I decided to become a PvP coach and stream my content on Twitch! Outside of Pokemon, you can find me studying complex social phenomena and how I can use math to model social behavior.



    Purple Kyogre

    Content Creator





  • 4TheBattles is a Pokémon Go player from Northern California. Her interest grew quickly from day one of PvP though she was not very familiar with Pokémon before Pokémon Go was released. She quickly learned types and strategies and through practice became enamored with the game and teaching others in the community. She is a PvP coach for GoStadium and a Twitch Partner streaming daily. She finished GoBattleLeague season one at position 51 on the world leaderboard and 101 for season 2. She also holds a position somewhere around top 10 in the world for great league wins at about 14 thousand. Besides PvP she holds a deep passion for science and nature and enjoys fishing and animal husbandry.



  • TzSpenx is a Mexican Pokemon GO PvP enthusiast and coach. He picked up the game as soon as it was released, but it wasn't until PvP was introduced that he started to show a lot of interest in it. He then started participating in tournaments by The Silph Road, Pokemon GO's online battling community, and reached Ace in Season 1 — at that time, the highest rank in Silph — and Elite in Season 2, a much higher rank than before. In GO Battle League, Pokemon GO's in-app battling system, Spenx has been able to reach Rank 10 or Legend (the highest rank) every season. After taking a break from The Silph Road's competitions, he began to understand that his passion was in sharing all his experience and knowledge with everyone to help build a better and stronger community. With this, he decided to start coaching trainers professionally, and now he has helped more than 50 students across the globe to help reach their PvP goals. Spenx likes nature and spending time with friends and family. He always tries his best to bring positive vibes to help people feel better and achieve their best potential. He is also a Chanseyliever.