Pokémon Go Indianapolis Regionals Recap: Reis2Occasion

by Mazer Gaming | May 11, 2022

When it comes to Pokémon Go Tournaments, Mazer can almost be considered a household name. If you haven’t heard of us, you’ve heard of some of our superstar Pokémon Go players and casters, and for that, we’re proud and thankful for the support our people have. We’ll continue to compete at the highest level and strive to be a positive force in this world of Pokémon. 

Recently, some of our hardest hitters took on the Indianapolis Regionals, and while they didn’t take home the gold, they represented our goals to grow and succeed within PoGo. After the dust cleared and a champion had been crowned, we were able to sit down with a few of our players and gauge their thoughts on regionals, Pokémon Go Great League Tournaments, and their plans for the future.

Player Analysis

Reis2Occasion: Chris Resiner has created an incredibly strong name for himself within the PoGo Community as an elite battler within The Silph Arena and the Go Battle League. This skill and experience makes him a formidable opponent to anyone that pairs with him. While he may not have walked away as a champion this weekend, he remains a threat to anyone in future regionals. 

Q: What’s the most important thing you do to prepare for a massive Pokémon Go tournament like this?

Reis: For me personally, I use PvPoke like anyone else to prepare my team and try to have as good coverage as possible. I did do one practice tournament as well, Rochababyface1 hosted a practice tournament and I tested my team out, and I felt pretty good about it. 

I’m not a guy that’s going to overpractice, and do scrims after scrims, but would rather put myself in realistic situations to test my team. Using a combination of all that really helps out my process and leads to success.  

Q: Have you been to other Mega tournaments before?

Reis: No, I did two local Silph tournaments before Covid hit and escalated, so I haven’t done any in person tournaments bigger than 12 people. So this is my first time battling at an in person since 2020 besides battling a few friends in person. 

Q: What were your favorite parts of the weekend, and what was something that was frustrating?

Reis: Honestly my favorite part was the walk with everyone to go watch the Bucks game after Day 1 and hangout with everyone joking around and having food was great. I got to meet a few fans of myself and my stream which was amazing. 

The most frustrating part was probably the phones off stream, people just had a lot of problems. When you were trying to send a battle it could take 15 minutes to get one battle in because you couldn’t get a battle invite to go through, and you’d have to change station to station and eventually they’d have to use their personal phones. Taking an hour to complete a set that would usually take 15 minutes was the most frustrating.

Q: So what’s next for Reis2Occasion? What goals do you have going forward?

Reis: I’m really just looking forward to the Summer, and focusing on my content. I’ll be playing in a few more regionals, such as Vancouver, definitely Milwaukee because I’m from Milwaukee, and of course I’ve got to go to Columbus for the big one. 

There’s even a slight chance I go to Santiago Chile for that one too. I may have a sponsorship opportunity for it, but more that’ll be down the road. Maybe I’ll follow in Iomero’s footsteps and come in from out of the country and make it to the finals. 

From catching pokémon to battling in tournaments, we see Reis2Occasion as the gold standard for Mazer players. Be sure to follow along with our blogs as the rest of the Regional Tournaments unfold across the world. For more information on our team, visit the rest of our website where you can find our rosters for Pokémon Go, Pokémon Unite, Super Smash Bros., and our Mazer content team.

See you next time trainers! 

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