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  • Kyros, who grew up in Guatemala, began playing Super Smash Bros for the Wii U at the beginning of 2015 in Los Angeles, as part of the SoCal region. Ever since, he's been into the competitive scene and transitioned to Smash Bros Ultimate on release on 2018, where he now plays "Young Link" and is considered among the best players of his character in the US. Kyros' competitive personality comes from his days as a soccer athlete as well as his desire to always be at the top of his class. Currently, he is a professional competitor as well as a streamer since 2020. Kyros hopes to keep improving as a player and person, and soon be considered one of the best players of Southern California!



  • Joseph, is a Meta knight main who resides in LA County. Joseph has started playing Smash Wii U competitively in 2018, in Socal. The first character he picked up was meta knight, while exploring other characters to get a feel for the game. Joseph became fond of Meta knight for his unique playstyle of bait-and-punish and simply just liked the character’s design. Joseph then transitioned into Smash Ultimate when the new title came out in later 2018, where he still played meta knight while co-maining Mario and Bowser. After a lot of commitment and training for a couple years, Joseph became Socal ranked #16 in the third quarter of 2021, and is now considered one of the best Meta Knight’s in the west coast. He always strives for improvement in all areas of life including being the best student, video game competitor, big brother and friend he can be. The healthy mindset to improve and practice has helped Joseph become successful in Smash Bros, and he will continue to improve.



  • Since starting back in 2014, Kalvar has been consistently training to improve his skill in Melee, seeing some great results like their 5th place finish at DreamHack Atlanta 2019, 1st at the third New England Invitational, and more recently a solid 4th place finish at CT Gamercon 4, where he also won doubles with 2Saint. Results such as these have earned him the rank of 2nd in all of New England, as well as 1st in his home state of New Hampshire. Aside from just competing, Kalvar is not only the TO, streamer, and commentator of the netplay weekly “Kalvar Cup” having just ran their 36th event, but also helps to train the next generation of Melee by coaching many students through Metafy. Outside of Melee, Kalvar also streams a variety of games on his twitch channel, and is looking forward to training and competing in the newly released WindJammers 2, as well as some of the upcoming platform fighters such as Multiversus, Rivals of Aether 2, and Fraymakers.


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