The World's Biggest Caterpie Enthusiast, MikeNerdLaw, Joins Mazer Gaming

by Mazer Gaming | July 26, 2022

IGN:  MikeNerdLaw (Mike)

Years Gaming: 26 years 

Primary Loves: Gaming, Streaming, Cryptocurrency, and all things Caterpie 

Mazer Gaming is thrilled to welcome MikeNerdLaw to the team, find out more about him below! 


Tax analyst by day, gamer and streamer by Night, Mike Nerdlaw joins Mazer with an MBA in Finance as well as 10+ years in the corporate world working on accounting and finance for many large corporations. Mike's primary passions, however, include gaming, streaming and cryptocurrency. Mike has always enjoyed gaming, with his favorite series being the Final Fantasy games. He has also spent many years playing his beloved Elemental Shaman in World of Warcraft, despite Elementals being terrible forever. Pokemon Go was his first introduction to the Pokemon Franchise and primarily where he gained his love for Caterpies in Cowboy Hats. 

Mike looks forward to working for and with Mazer for years to come. 

Mazer Hat Caterpie please.

Check out his twitch at:

Catch his YouTube channel at:

Tip your cowboy hats to our newest addition!  

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