May 18, 2022

Team Profile: Meet Mazer Academy

The Mazer Academy represents skilled, up and coming battlers in the Pokémon Go tournament scene that have joined Mazer and are looking to break the mold. We have a talented group put together and want to give each their own spotlight in order to showcase their unique style and what they bring to Mazer Academy:

Kreasor: They was lucky enough to be made captain of the team! They were part of a Diamond tier Factions team since the start of factions and have faced some of the top EMEA teams. They are also the also captain of team California (USA) for Gymbreakers and had a good amount success in team-based competitive Pokemon Go PvP leagues.

Nareg: They love to catch moves and know when to sack swap and save two shields for back Pokémon and try to take shield advantage in most situations. I'm very good at move counts and play the game from the opponents perspective, basically know what their plans are and try to capitalize by knowing when they plan to throw a move...

GracieZ: Her biggest mantra is if you aren't having fun and enjoying it, don't force it. One can find ways to enjoy it and take off pressure of rank or prestige. She bring spice, fun, and great plays to the table for sure...*

GetInYurBall: He likes to understand the complete ins and outs of his team in virtually every matchup/scenario possible - which is why his favorite league is Master League with it’s limited pool of meta relevant Pokémon...he has a strong stable of Master League Pokémon that he could use so he brings the ability to run spice, study matchups but also help out the Mazer teams or factions players that may need his help.

SigJimboSlice: SigJimboslice’s journey to Mazer is interesting to say the least. Coming back to Pokémon Go at the height of the pandemic in 2020 - He stumbled upon a Panick23 stream in January of 2021 and since then he grew an interest in Mazer Gaming and become one of the most consistent battlers out there, reaching legend multiple times in past GBL seasons. A specialist in his title, SigJimboSlice is the perfect piece to fill out the Mazer Academy squad.

C9Snow: Using bulk to outsmart and plan for what the opponent has next, C9Snow brings a wide array of talents to the Mazer Academy team - including key consistency and understanding of team building, especially as an Ultra League specialist.

Mrdoctorpants: A quick master-field specialist for the team, Mrdoctorpants knows the ins and outs of battling to the point where he can learn a team quickly and strategize with ease.

Thebiebsbro: Talk about staying on the grind, thebiebsbro runs with the best and is often duo streaming and putting in the work with the best battlers out there. A man after my own heart in guessing what is in the back, biebs has the keen eye to plan ahead and is an asset to this Mazer Academy squad.

Scourge: As a field specialist, Scourge can fill any role that best suits what Mazer Academy brings to the table as a team. Loving the BOOM, Scourge boasts a strong understanding of energy management and health in order to set themselves up for success in the end game.

Dylan: A very talented battler with a strong understanding of turn counts and advanced mechanics, PoGoDylan brings a versatility to Mazer Academy as a field specialist. Watch out because Dylan is two steps ahead.

We are beyond excited to have all of these talented battlers on the Mazer Academy team and look forward to the growth, fun and wins ahead with this group. Be sure to catch their battles throughout the upcoming season! If you would like to know more about the Mazer Academy’s arrival to Mazer Gaming, their profiles have been added to the website at the link here.