Meet Mazer DPhiE250, a Pokémon Go Content Creator!

by Mazer Gaming | July 25, 2022

IGN: DPhiE250 (DPhi for short)


Years Gaming: Over 20 years! She’s been playing Pokémon since she received a Gameboy Color for Christmas with both Pokémon Red and Blue versions.


Primary Loves

Pokémon Go (She has been playing it since it was released on July 16, 2016), the Pokémon main series’s games, lattes, naps, hiking, traveling, spending time with her husband and adopted German Shepard mix, Misty. 


DPhiE250 is a full-time educator and part-time Pokémon content creator based out of Wisconsin, USA. She has enjoyed shoutcasting a variety of Pokémon GO events, the most exciting being the 2022 Play Pokémon Pokémon GO Indianapolis Regional Tournament in May 2022. She enjoys co-hosting a regular segment on the GOCast Podcast called “PvP Corner.” She has also been streaming on Twitch since the spring of 2020. Her goal is to grow as a content creator in order to ultimately encourage and inspire more women to participate in online gaming! 


You can find all of DPhiE250’s social media here:


Everyone, be sure to give her a patented Mazer welcome! 

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