Apr 24, 2022

Mazer x My PvP Academia Partnership Announcement

Mazer Gaming is excited to announce it’s partnership with My PvP Academia!

My PvP Academia, a Youtube and Twitch channel dedicated to the study and teaching of Pokémon Go PvP lessons, is a free online resource for those looking to find topics regarding upcoming meta analysis for Silph Factions, general Go Battle League analysis and team building and overall game mechanics that make a large impact on winning and losing in Pokémon Go PvP. A highly-community driven channel, this team excels in bringing quality content to bring battlers together.

Made up of a handful of proven battlers themselves, My PvP Academia boasts a professor core of CountXevious - who hit Elite in Silph seasons where you had to choose your weighted cup ahead of time - Lundberger is one of the highest ranked female players and an advocate for #GirlsThatPvP - and Spleenlejeune is the captain of the Belgian Smurfs factions who are now in the Platinum Tier and also a hardcore grinder and a free-to-play player. These professors are no joke and a fountain of knowledge about how to be all-around great battlers in Pokémon Go PvP. (along with their My PvP Academia teammates, like Kevkillerke listed below!)

Personally - I checked out a great breakdown video of an advanced mechanic, the forced overtap. In this particular video, Kevkillerke explains via an example of Blast Burn Typhlosion the dangers of long fast moves being manipulated by when you throw a charge move to interrupt the energy received by your opponent. The explanation was very clear and was quite informational! If you would like to take a look at this particular video to get a feel for their lesson style, you can do so at the link here

Mazer Gaming is excited for the opportunity to come alongside My PvP Academia in bringing valuable content and experiences to the Pokémon Go community - welcome aboard and thanks for having us! We look forward to working together!

For more information and content from My PvP Academia, you can visit their YouTube Channel here or check out their Patreon for ways that you can support their content creation.