Mazer Welcomes New Social Media Manager KitsuneGem

by Doctor Boo | June 13, 2022

IGN: KitsuneGem (IRL - Gemma)
Years Gaming: 20+
Primary Loves: Anime, Reading, Trophy Hunting, Helping People, RPG Games, Sweets and Cakes.

Kitsune comes to us from the UK around an hour outside of London, During the day she works in retail - but is an avid gamer, being described by her friends and community as having an innocent look, the mouth of a sailor and the cunning ability to go from sweet to murderous within a blink of an eye.

Kit also has an active background in social media which she has worked on since starting content creation firstly through a twitch community where she managed their accounts, moving on to become a volunteer staff member on a new streaming platform where she grew her social media skills. She also learned how to coach streamers and help them improve - landing her in her latest position as the social media manager for Mazer!

Her hope is to be able to help generate engagement and be a welcome and fresh perspective to the Mazer accounts - bringing her own unique twist to showcase not only events, but other projects Mazer is involved in alongside its wonderful content creators!

Social Media: You can find Kit on Twitter at @kitsunegem as well as on Discord and Twitch!

Welcome aboard!

View the Twitter announcement here:
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