Mazer Welcomes New Content Creator MorritaPokemon!

by Doctor Boo | May 25, 2022

IGN: MorritaPokémon (IRL: Mariana)

Years Gaming: 4

Primary Loves: Pokémon Go & Unite, Coffee, Traveling, Teaching Catechism & being a Systems Engineer

Morrita Pokémon is a System Engineer & Mexican Content Creator. Her first approach to any Pokémon game started with Pokémon Go!

She likes to raid, farm, collect shinies & play PvP - more specifically in GBL - where she reached Legend rank on S8 for the first time - then doubled down in Seasons 9 and 10 with the same achievement. 

What she enjoys the most is to build a supportive Community:

"LATAM Community has been so supportive and always make me feel at home. Every time I start a stream, I become happier thanks to them." 

She loves her country and loves to travel. She is also Catechist & enjoys being System Consultant during the day! While busy and might be delayed in getting back to you, she is always here to help! 

She hoping to grow and develop the LATAM community - and looks forward to her partnership with Mazer and what she can bring as a LATAM content creator. She is grateful for Mazer bringing her on and looks forward to building the LATAM community together! 

You can find MorritaPokemon on:





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