Feb 01, 2021

Mazer Gaming wins DreamHack Due Process Open

Mazer Gaming took home another title on Sunday with their big win over Team Momentum in the Final of the Due Process Open presented by DreamHack Leipzig! Working off of their success last weekend in the Swiss Play and Semifinals match against Fierce, we were able to fight strong and take home the event!

Of course, it took an overtime match in the Finals for us to eventually be crowned victory. After coming away with a 6-6 tie in the first map, we fell 7-2 in the second map. With the win on the line, we were able to storm through map 3 and take it 7-0, sending us to overtime. We continued to look strong after our flawless map 3, taking home the championship for Mazer!

View the tweet here: https://twitter.com/MazerHQ/status/1355988200620240896?s=20