Mazer Gaming Welcomes OhHeyItsFunk

by Doctor Boo | May 23, 2022

IGN: OhHeyItsFunk
Years Gaming: 35+ years
Primary Loves: Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2 RP, FPS games like Apex Legends/Battlefield 5, RPG’s like Elden Ring/the Final Fantasy series/Horizon Zero Dawn, and everything from World of Tanks to Need for Speed and everything in between.

We’re back with another Mazer profile for the newest addition, OhHeyItsFunk! Let’s jump into getting to know our new teammate:

Funk hails from the great state of Virginia where he is a cyber security professional, father, husband, and true crime enthusiast. When he is not gaming, working, or spending time with family, Funk spends his time pursuing a newly discovered passion in development and automation. He is also raising the next generation of gamers and exposing them to classics such as Zelda and the Super Mario Bros. series.

Funk looks forward to contributing to the roleplay content currently with Mazer and continue to branch out into the more variety types of streams. Ever competitive, he’s hoping to fall in with other Apex Legends and FPS/Battle Royale teammates and grow in that space as well.

You can find Funk on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok @OhHeyItsFunk.

Welcome aboard!

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