Mazer Gaming Welcomes Norcal Melee Kingpin Ralph To Our Melee Roster!

by Hank Strandberg | December 21, 2022

Gamer Tag: Ralph

Years Competing in Melee: 10

Favorite Video Game Series: JRPGs

Primary Hobbies: Competing in Melee and playing video game music on the piano and drums

Over ten years ago, while still attending UC Berkeley, Ralph began his incredible journey in competitive Melee. For the next two years, he would grind the game meticulously with his classmates-turned-longtime friends while steadily climbing the ranks at UC Berkeley's notoriously stacked Smash scene. During those two years, Ralph established himself as a young, burgeoning force throughout the Norcal Melee scene, and in September 2014, his efforts were formally recognized when he was elevated to the number 19 spot on the state’s power rankings. One year later, the UC Berkeley wunderkind made his first official national ranking debut at number 76 on the 2015 SSBM Top 100 rankings. In the following years, Ralph would remain one of Norcal’s most prominent national contenders, however, his drive to compete gradually diminished when the Covid-19 pandemic shut down all in-person tournaments. Fortunately, when offline tournaments returned in 2021, Ralph got right back to doing what he does best: grind, learn, and win. After spending the whole of 2021 getting back into the swing of things, Ralph came into 2022 with a resounding bang, placing top 33 at major events like The Big House 10 and Mainstage 2022, while finally coveting the number one spot atop the Norcal Melee power rankings, cementing his place as one of the best players in California.

 When asked about what he wants to accomplish during his time with Mazer, Ralph had this to say, “This year, I'm happy about getting back into streaming for a bit, and I'm thrilled with my progress as a player and with what's happened for me in Melee lately, and I hope I can enjoy doing more of all of that under this org.”

You can find Ralph’s socials here:



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