Mazer Gaming Welcomes FrankieDiamondzz

by Doctor Boo | June 15, 2022

IGN: FrankieDiamondzz (Frank)
Years Gaming: 15 years
Primary Loves: Battle Royale, GTA RP, NBA 2k, MLB The Show, Red Dead Redemption, Ghost of Tsushima, music, family, and crypto!

Mazer Gaming is excited to add FrankieDiamondzz to the squad, let’s check out a bit more about him below: 

Born and Raised in Central Pennsylvania, Frankie brings an exciting and thrilling personality to the Mazer Team. PR Banker by day, Frankie spends his evenings researching and networking with some of the smartest people in the crypto space. Affiliated on Twitch, Frankie brings daily streams of cracked out gameplay, exciting commentary, and immaculate vibes to his viewers. Building communities and bringing people together is what Frank does best, and he plans to bring his skills along with his entertaining personality over to the Mazer Guild to start a new chapter of crypto and P2E gaming for Mazer Gaming.

His goal here at Mazer is to build his reputation as a true gamer in this space, and make sure people understand he isn’t just some funny dude on Twitch. Frank really gets down and he loves the competition. The excitement and bubbly nature of FrankieDiamondzz will surely fit in right along with his fellow Mazer Guild Members. And his competitive spirit and drive to win and be the best will solidify him as an integral part of how Mazer plans to move forward in this space.

You can find him on Twitch most days at : @FrankieDiamondzz

Clips can be found at YouTube : @FrankieDiamondzz and Instagram @FrankieDiamondzz

Always hanging in the Mazer Discord as @sirdiamondzz

Welcome aboard!

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