Mazer Gaming Welcomes Dredre5050 (CryptoFoo) To Our Guild Team!

by Mazer Gaming | August 03, 2022

IGN: Dredre5050

Years Gaming: All his life  

Primary Loves: Crypto trading, analysis, and playing games with his children 

Introducing our newest addition to the Mazer Guild, Dredre5050! Find out more about our new favorite crypto extraordinaire below. 

The genesis of Dredre5050’s journey with gaming began, fittingly enough, with the Sega Genesis. The console would be the first step into what would become a lifelong love of gaming for Dredre5050. The Sega Genesis would serve as his main console until he was eight years old before he transitioned to the Super Nintendo, with which he can recall many fond gaming memories such as playing Pac Man with his mom, Super Mario World, Super Mario All Stars, Star Wars, and Aladdin. Dredre5050 also enjoyed playing on his Xbox, too, when he was younger. With it, as well as with the help of games such as Halo and Call of Duty, Dredre5050 soon discovered an infatuation with first person shooters that would stick with him throughout his life. He also has enjoyed dabbling in sports games as well like Madden, FIFA, 2K, and MLB.

You can find all of Dredre5050 ’s social media here:


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