Mazer Gaming Welcomes Cosplay Enthusiast 01Mika To The Team!

by Hank Strandberg | September 24, 2022

IGN: 01Mika
Years Gaming: All her life
Primary Loves: Working out, playing video games, traveling for cosplay and anime conventions

Mika is a full-time cosplayer, twitch partner, and actress. Although she is still newer to the industry, Mika has been featured on the cover of cosplay magazines, novels, and is sponsored by the largest cosplay companies. You can also find Mika on Hulu & Amazon Prime starring in a TV show & movie.


When asked about what she wants to accomplish during her time with Mazer Gaming, Mika had this to say. “Connect with other Mazer streamers, participate in tournaments and events!”

You can find all of Mika’s social media here:

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