Mazer Gaming Welcomes CaptainShook911

by Doctor Boo | June 07, 2022

IGN: CaptainShook911
Years Gaming: 20+
Primary loves: Pokémon from handheld to mobile, board games, most video games, music, traveling and probably an unhealthy addiction to Brooklyn 99.

CaptianShook911 has spent over 10+ years in Rock Springs, Wyoming, after spending much of his youth in Sacramento, California. The flame of his love of games and video games were established early on, spent in the worlds of Dr. Mario, Tetris, and Super Mario Bros. 3 and although, dimmed during adolescence, was reignited as an adult with some old FPS games and quick games like Rocket League and Pokémon GO. He spends most of his free time either watching sports, documentaries and playing games with teammates and friends. More time spent in games have only pushed him to engage with them in a deeper setting; E-sports. That has culminated in his current position as a Guild member with Mazer Gaming.

He believes that he will be able to play, grow and most importantly, learn, more about the e-sports world and all the opportunities that exist there. Inspired by the opportunity, CaptainShook911 knows he can help add positive results to any team he’s on, both individually and as a team member. This journey begins here with Mazer.

CaptainShook911 is usually found on Twitter or Twitch (occasionally) at @Captainshook911 or or in various Discord Servers at @CaptainShook.
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