Mazer Gaming Welcomes 610HERO To Our Pokémon Go Team!

by Mazer Gaming | August 16, 2022

IGN: 610HERO (Tatsuki)
Years Gaming: Since he was in kindergarten
Primary Loves: Anything and everything Pokemon

Mazer’s newest signing comes all the way from Canada in 610HERO, otherwise known as Tatsuki, where he will be slotted into our Pokémon Go side of the organization. Check out his history with Pokémon down below!

From an early age, Tatsuki has been a devoted fan of the Pokémon franchise after being introduced to it by the classic Gameboy Color game Pokémon Blue. This first dabble into the world of Pokémon would result in a life-long love for the series, with some of his favorite entries over the years being Fire Red, Diamond, and Heart Gold.

However, Tatsuki’s devotion to Pokémon would take a step in a whole new direction when he discovered Pokémon Go in 2017 when he was in the ninth grade. After spending most of his life being a casual fan of the series, Pokémon Go awoke a competitive drive inside of Tatsuki, a drive that would propel him to some pretty incredible heights within the Pokémon Go tournament scene, such as second place at GBLA S2 Championship, reaching the number two spot on the S8 GBL Leaderboards, and placing third at the 2022 Vancouver GO Regional.

Mazer Gaming is excited to see what 610HERO will bring to our team. With one of the Great White North’s best players among our ranks, there is no telling how far Mazer Gaming can go in the realm of Pokémon Go!

You can find all of 610HERO’s social media here:

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