Oct 05, 2022

Mazer Gaming Signs On Top Resident Evil Speedrunner Captain Ezekiel!

IGN: Captain Ezekiel (Zach)
Years Gaming: Since he was 10 years old
Favorite Video Game Series: Diablo
Primary Loves: Lifting, speedrunning and streaming

Captain Ezekiel’s journey with gaming began when he was just around 10 years old when he got his hands on his favorite game of all time, Diablo 2. He would also delve more into PC gaming with popular MMOs like World of Warcraft.

While he had mostly been a casual gamer up until this point, it was when Captain Ezekiel discovered the world-renowned multiplayer online battle arena, League of Legends, that he would be thrusted into the realm of competitive Esports. Throughout his time with the game, Captain Ezekiel managed to reach high diamond ranking, as well as placing within the top 0.5% of players around the world.


After his time with League of Legends came to an end, Captain Ezekiel wouldn’t have to wait very long to find his next Esports fix, as he soon picked up Nintendo’s classic crossover fighting game, Super Smash Bros. Melee, in 2017, where he mained Jigglypuff. Despite transitioning from a more battle arena-centric title to a fighting game, Captain Ezekiel began to find success quite quickly, debuting at number nine on the Minnesota Melee Power Rankings after almost two years of playing.

Retiring from Melee in 2019, Captain Ezekiel decided to take up a new video game hobby that would change his life forever: speedrunning. After first completing Resident Evil 7:Biohazard (known commonly as RE7) casually, Captain Ezekiel would dive head first into speedrunning it after finding interest in watching other speedrunners complete the game. From first learning the run back in late 2018 to the time of this writing, he has acquired 18 world records for RE7, becoming arguably the most accomplished speedrunner in the entire game.

When asked about what he wants to accomplish during his time with Mazer Gaming, Captain Ezekiel had this to say, “I look forward to expanding my circle of streaming, as well as collaborating with other creators. I want my community to grow, and I want it to merge nicely with a team and Mazer seemed like a really good fit to help me do that. I hope to provide more of the content they enjoy to really see success for us."

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