Mazer Gaming Partners with BTCManager

by Mazer Gaming | January 15, 2021

We are happy to announce that we will be partnering up with BTCManager! BTCManager provides their audience with crypto, bitcoin, and blockchain related news. 

As one of the few crypto-infused esports organizations, we believe this is a big step for pushing crypto adoption and educating our audience with everything crypto related. One of our main goals is to not only integrate crypto and blockchain technology into our organization, but to educate our audience and familiarize them with the industry. BTCManager will provide a great source of content and news for our fans to educate themselves and bring themselves into the Bitcoin world. 

We look forward to working further with BTCManager in the future. We expect to pump out many articles, events, giveaways, and livestreams in collaboration with them, so stay tuned!

For more info on BTCManager, visit

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