Mazer Gaming partners with ARterra

by Sam Kijak | June 04, 2020

Mazer Gaming to Implement the ARterra Platform to Enhance Fan Experience.

ARterra is proud to partner with Mazer Gaming and provide our platform of groundbreaking engagement tools and revolutionary experiences to bring an enhanced experience to their esports fanbase.

Through ARterra, Mazer will have access to premier fan engagement tools, a friction-less management system, an innovative way to reach and engage new and existing fans while bringing in a new stream of revenue.

ARterra provides esports and traditional sports franchises a solution to manage and engage loyal fans across siloed social channels. Franchises will be able to seamlessly issue digital collectibles for fans to claim, redeem, buy or sell in a custom marketplace. In addition, franchises or content creators can create custom prediction markets on any event for fans to compete for prizes.

Fans’ time and loyalty have value and ARterra recognizes that. Mazer will have the ability to reward fans for their dedication by enabling them to earn, redeem and trade customizable digital collectibles via the ARterra Platform. Alongside growing their fanbase via new blockchain-based experiences, Mazer Gaming can also use the technology to incentivize loyal followers on existing platforms, such as Twitch.

“The digital collectibles provide our fans with rewards that have true value while generating a completely new revenue stream for our business,” said Sam Kijak, Owner and Founder of Mazer Gaming. “Our partnership with ARterra is strategic and necessary as our community continues to grow. Implementing and offering this experience to our fanbase is a true win-win.”

As an early adopter of the platform, the partnership will also provide Mazer Gaming access to new features and enhancements as the technology continues to scale.

“Our goal is to deliver organizations, individual content creators, and fans an unprecedented experience and connect fan communities with the franchise,” said Bridge Craven, CEO & Co-Founder of ARterra.

“Working with Mazer marks the beginning of a collaborative partnership to create ongoing innovative tools for Mazer Gaming and its passionate fans.”

The future of engaging fans and creating new experiences is bright. We are excited to be building it alongside amazing esports organizations like Mazer Gaming.

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