Jun 27, 2024

Mazer Gaming Once Again Steps Into the Realm of Fighting Games with Latest Signee KHsensei3!

Gamer Tag: KHsensei3

Years Playing Fighting Games: Since I could even hold a controller. I’d say since I was about 7 or 8 years old (I'm 29 now).

Favorite Video Game Franchise(s): Kingdom Hearts is #1 (hence the KH in my name lol), but other than that Gears of war, Tekken, Street Fighter; Super Smash Bros., Final Fantasy (7,10,13) Legend of Zelda; Sonic the Hedgehog, Dark Souls or Soulsborne games, Burnout; and Soulcalibur.

Primary Hobbies: I love to skateboard, catch up with the latest anime series, ride my motorcycle, work out 4 to 5 days a week at the gym, and, most importantly, I'm huge into listening and directing music of all types. I'm actually that guy that listens to “everything”.



When asked about what he wants to accomplish during his time with Mazer, KHsensei3 had this to say, “In my time in Mazer, I honestly would just like to hopefully show some of what my streams and my community are all about. I wanna be able to show a clip of just how much fun gaming is and how it’s always supposed to be. No matter if you are super serious about your games, or just wanting to play with others, you can always see the joy in every game and smile. Another big plus is meeting more people on the internet and being able to hopefully bring even different strokes of life together to one place. Whether it be in my streams or another team members community and streams. It's just dope to see people get along and discuss topics together!"

You can find KHsensei3’s socials here:

Twitter: ++https://twitter.com/khsensei3++


Tiktok: ++https://www.tiktok.com/@khsensei3?lang=en++