Mazer Gaming makes the Grand Final at DreamHack Leipzig!

by Mazer Gaming | January 25, 2021

This weekend was big for Mazer Gaming, as their Due Process team made it all the way to the finals at DreamHack Leipzig! The online event this weekend consisted of 32 teams. 6 Swiss Play matches decided the Top 4 teams that would make the finals. Finishing with three wins and two ties, Mazer slotted into the #2 seed and made the Top 4 qualifying for Championship Sunday.

Our match up was set to be against Fierce, the #3 seed. The winner of this game would move on to the final to face either Team Momentum or SH Esports. The format was a best of three, with any tie situation heading to a best of 6 rounds overtime. We came out strong, winning the first map against Fierce 7-0. Of course, Fierce would bounce back and win the next map 7-2 themselves. All tied up at 1 map a piece, the third game was projected to be a battle. After a technical difficulty causing a delay, the third map had to be restarted. Round after round going both ways, we ended up tying 6-6 with Fierce in map three. This sent us to overtime.

Overtime would be decided by a best of 6. The first team to win 4 rounds would move on to the DreamHack Leipzig Finals. We found ourselves down 3-1, one round away from being eliminated. We battled back and sent the series to another best of 6, where we ultimately won the game in double overtime. This match lasted 5 hours, one of the longest Due Process games played in their history. Because of this, the finals had to be rescheduled to a later date. But rest assured, we will be there ready to face Team Momentum on Sunday at 1pm EST and take home the championship!
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