Mazer Gaming Knuckles Up by Signing on Veteran Tekken Player HaitakeKakashi!

by Hank Strandberg | October 27, 2022

Gamer Tag: HaitakeKakashi

Years Playing Tekken: Over 20 years

Favorite Video Game Series: Tekken

Primary Hobbies: Traveling, finding good places to eat, hiking, and playing Tekken.

Today, Tekken is known across the world as one of the most prestigious fighting game franchises of all time. And ever since the release of Tekken 2 in 1996, HaitakeKakashi has dedicated his life to mastering it. Beginning as an astute casual player, slowly developing his fundamentals and basic understanding of the Tekken series, HaitakeKakashi would suddenly feel the urge to start competing in tournaments following the release of Tekken Tag Tournament 1 in 1999. Before the new millennium dawned upon the world, HaitakeKakashi had already made an immediate impact on his city’s Tekken scene by winning a few local tournaments. Even to this day, HaitakeKakashi still actively competes in tournaments; that same urge that originally compelled him to test himself against the best players around still unwavering inside of him.

On top of being a storied, veteran player of the Tekken series, HaitakeKakashi also considers himself both a coach and a mentor to both newer generations of aspiring young Tekken players, as well as other seasoned competitors. He currently has over four years of coaching experience teaching people about the beauty and science behind Tekken, and has no intention of dropping his role as a teacher anytime soon.

When asked about what he wants to accomplish during his time with Mazer, HaitakeKakashi had this to say, “To not only improve my skills as a player, but to also grow my outreach and help players who want to learn how to play Tekken. I also want to connect with other Mazer Team members, as I am open to team building exercises and collaborative efforts/projects.”

You can find HaitakeKakashi’s socials here:




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