Mazer Gaming is Pleased to Welcome Evan777713 To Our Stream Team

by Mazer Gaming | August 17, 2022

IGN: Evan777713 (Evan)
Years Gaming: 20 years
Primary Loves: Read about and study different languages (especially dead ones like middle Egyptian), gaming, sports, streaming and ancient history.

In Evan’s own words “My journey with gaming is too long to tell ... lol ... I've done it all.” He isn't kidding at all when he says this; across his two decades of playing video games, Jeff has indulged himself in various titles and consoles across the whole spectrum of gaming, from first person shooters like Call of Duty, to handheld games such as the original Pokemon games for the Gameboy Color.

On top of being an avid gamer, Evan is also an accomplished college athlete, having racked up an impressive resume of accolades during his time on the Bard College’s baseball team, such as being an all-time Single Season Leader for strikeouts for the years 2017, 2018, and 2019.

One of the biggest things that Evan is looking forward to working with Mazer is helping us establish ourselves as a force in the Play Pokemon circuit for Pokemon Go. He believes that “it's the future, and I really want to get involved and start at the ground floor to help a great organization put down roots in that new system to really build Pokemon Go PVP and Play Pokemon.”

With such a passionate Pokemon player and visionary on our side, Mazer Gaming is surely destined to make a huge home run in the Pokemon Go scene!

You can find all of Evan777713’s social media here:

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