Mazer Gaming has been slotted into Pool D for Mexico City!

by mazergaming Admin | January 25, 2019

On Wednesday night, Gears of War hosted a live-stream where they will be randomly selecting the pool groups for their upcoming Gears Pro Circuit Mexico City Open event. Some of the teams competing in pool play are OpTic Gaming, Rise Nation, Spacestation Gaming, and much more.

Mazer Gaming was picked to be placed in Pool D, and joined the organizations Spacestation Gaming and Simplicity. An open bracket team will be filling in the fourth spot of their pool. Simplicity is the previous organization that our current team used to be under, so we do believe that the players will be playing with a little boosted confidence to show their previous organization owner what they missed out on. 

Here are all of the pool play groups for the event next weekend. Pool A seems to be one of the hardest, while Pool C and D seem to be some of the easier pools. During the event on February 1st-3rd, Mazer Gaming will be tweeting out all of the matches and keeping our fans updated as much as we can. Most of our matches will be on the Gears of War official twitch channel and website. If anything changes we will make sure to notify you guys. As we get closer to the event, we will be putting out a full schedule with our matches and official times. We are looking forward to this event and cannot wait to see what our team is able to do!

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