Mazer Gaming Acquires Minecraft Twitch Streamer Jeffska

by Mazer Gaming | July 28, 2022

IGN:  Jeffska (Jeff)

Years Gaming: The majority of his life 

Primary Loves: Streaming, minecraft, promoting ska music, performing activities outside, and learning languages (he knows both English and German)

As mentioned above, Jeff has been a gamer for the vast majority of his life; the Vegas resident's earliest memories with gaming are when he would play computer games with his dad. His fascination with gaming would truly manifest, though, when he first began playing Minecraft with his younger brother in 2011 as a means to bond with him. His love for the game put him on the path to eventually become a prominent figure in the Minecraft community to the point where he was asked to speak at several official Minecraft conventions. He also is a member of the "Dedotated Wam" MineCon panel. 

In 2017, Jeff would take a radical new direction with his life by starting his streaming career on the now defunct streaming website Mixer, where he would stream for the better part of three years, and, in the process, become one of the most popular Minecraft streamers on the platform. However, in 2020, Mixer would abruptly be shut down, forcing Jeff to take his streaming talents to Twitch, becoming a partner shortly thereafter. At the time of this writing, his Twitch channel has accumulated over 13,000 followers. 

Another fun fact: one of Jeff’s biggest life accomplishments was when he scaled three of the tallest mountains in Southern California in a single day. Needless to say, not only can he game with the best of them, he is also a physical specimen. 

Check out his twitch at:


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Hoist your diamond pickaxes aloft in salute to our newest streamer! 

(Article written by Hank Strandberg)

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