JustKisses Joins Mazer Gaming As The Latest Addition to Our Streaming Team!

by Hank Strandberg | June 12, 2023

Gamer Tag: JustKisses

Years Streaming: 4

Favorite Video Game Series: Resident Evil

Primary Hobbies: Hiking and traveling

To say JustKisses has had one of the most meteoric rises of any social media influencer in recent years would be a gargantuan understatement. Whereas it may take an individual multiple years to gain any kind of notoriety, JustKissess has managed to amass a whopping 25,000 Twitter followers since October 2022. However, though her ascent as a prominent influencer may seem to have happened practically overnight, JustKisses success is actually the product of over four years of hard work. Starting in 2019 as a streamer on Twitch, she has gone on to garner a sizable audience of over 3000 followers. And it was this very same dedicated fanbase that allowed her to storm onto Twitter with her various popular charity streams (which have raised a total of $10,000 for teachers to buy school supplies) and giveaways.


When asked about what she wants to accomplish during her time with Mazer, JustKisses had this to say, “I would love to accomplish having more duel streams with other Mazer teammates, and, also, I want to inform more people about the crypto side of the internet involving the gaming world. A lot of people don't know the endless possibilities with crypto and web 3.”

You can find JustKisses’s socials here:
Xbox: x Kiss

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