Hank Strandberg Joins Mazer Gaming As Its New Staff Writer

by Mazer Gaming | July 27, 2022

IGN:  Hank (Hank)

Years Gaming: 20+years 

Primary Loves: RPGs, Magic the Gathering, writing, cardiovascular training, and manga, with Berserk and Vinland Saga being his favorite. 

Mazer Gaming brings on Hank to the team as our new Assistant Staff Writer. Check out more about his journey with gaming and writing below. 

Hank has been a live-long gamer ever since he got his first gold star in Super Mario 64. Although he grew up as an avid lover of all things Nintendo from the 64 to the Wii, Hank has accumulated a wide-array of precious gaming memoires across console brands, including Playstation and Xbox. His favorite genre of video games happens to be fantasy-style RPGs; he enjoys them because of their ability to grant the player the freedom to go and do whatever they want. He also enjoys fighting in epic battles against either hordes of monstrous enemies or utilizing magical abilities to take on literal gods.

For as long as Hank can remember, he has always loved to write, whether it was for contests, or for his own amusement. His journey into Esports writing, however, hasn’t been anywhere nearly as long, having just started all the way back in May of 2021 by freelancing for PGstats as an article writer. In July of the same year, he took another big leap by joining IlluZion Creative as their blog writer, which he is still a part of today. While he mostly writes about everything Smash related, Hank’s bigger goal is to become familiar with all of the biggest Esports like League of Legends and Overwatch in order to expand his skillset and horizon. 

Catch our news section for all the writing magic that Hank will bring as a member of Mazer Gaming! 

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