Gala Games Sponsors Mazer Gaming

by Mazer Gaming | March 23, 2021

(Article written and produced by Gala Games in their prospective)

Gala Games loves games. Gala Games knows games. Even if you’re new here and have barely learned anything about Gala Games, those two facts should be abundantly clear by the vigor with which we throw ourselves into our projects.

One of the reasons we love games so much is that there is a whole wide world of gamers out there who have yet to be infected by the bug that is playing to earn and owning your experience. Just imagine the force of good that these gamers will collectively control once they are empowered by NFTs and blockchain technology.

Our sights have always been set on not only the niche community of blockchain gaming, but on the much larger realm of mainstream esports and gaming all over the world. It is in this spirit of reaching out to the gaming masses that we are now happy to announce Gala’s sponsorship of Mazer Gaming.

Mazer Gaming is a professional esports and entertainment organization whose main goals are building champion-level esports teams and creating engaging and entertaining content for their growing network of fans. Founded in 2014 by a graphic designer turned esports professional named Sam Kijak, Mazer Gaming has produced high-level competitive teams in such games as Call of Duty, Gears of War, Fortnite and Pokemon Go.

Mazer also brings the power of a huge content creation team on Twitch with combined followings in the hundreds of thousands. Video games are a spectator sport, and people love to watch professionals with Mazer Gaming. The organization has even used their influence to raise money for charity with a special series of tournaments entitled “Mazer Gaming Gives Back,” an ongoing initiative that has already collectively raised millions of dollars for pandemic relief worldwide.

Gala Games is proud to sponsor the teams and creators at Mazer Gaming, helping them do what they love and make real change in the world. Gala Games will also benefit from this sponsorship by reaching the attention of countless thousands of gamers, many of whom have yet to realize the power of playing to earn and owning their in-game assets.

We’re thrilled to welcome Mazer Gaming to the Gala family, and we can’t wait to grow side by side as we continue to empower players all around the world.

Life is a game. Why not play it professionally?
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